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  The shop has over 150 aquariums filled with every variety of fish imaginable, from African Cichlids to Fancy Guppies. We have it all. Approximately one half of our aquariums are devoted to our collection of Tetras, Barbs, Danios, Gouramis, and other "community fish". We're sure you'll find some interesting additions to your home tank somewhere in that assortment.

      Our freshwater section includes such types as:

  • African Cichlids, both Malawi and Tanganyikan
  • South and Central American Cichlids, from large “tank busters” to tiny Apistogrammas
  • Live plants....a beautiful addition. Swords, Myrophyllum,Ludwigia, Java moss...

  • Catfish, including the most common types as well as unusual South American, Asian and African species (Fancy Plecos, too)
  • Goldfish are a specialty here (Sheri’s favorite), small and large Orandas, Ryukins, Telescopes, Bubble-Eyes, Lionheads, Pearlscales…
  • The selection is constantly changing. Knives, Arrowanas, Polypterous, Killies, Rainbows,Puffers, Butterfly Fish, Gars, Cherry/Ghost shrimp, and Blue Lobsters are frequently in stock. We also carry hardy tank-raised German Stendker discus in various sizes. 

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