Koi are our specialty. With thousands of gallons of quality fish, 3" - 12"+, domestic or Japanese import, regular fin or butterfly, the selection is impressive. Our favorites are the Shintaro Sanke and Kohaku. We'll have Utsuri, Ogon, Showa, many Gin Rin and Doitsu throughout the summer.

  Our outdoor pond plant display is open from Spring until late Summer. We'll stock floating Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, and Frogbit as well as Hardy and Tropical marginals, Lilies, and Irises  during the season.

    A large percentage of our Marine section is devoted to captive-born fish. Shipments arrive weekly, and we keep many locally-raised soft corals, polyps, and mushrooms on hand. Years of experience in the marine business enables us to search out the fish we have found to be the best suited to aquarium life. Both inverts and fish are carefully selected from our suppliers to provide you with the best possible specimens.  
  We also have, in stock, many different size and shape aquarium setups for you to choose from. All of our aquarium package setups contain quality components for your best value. So many sizes, colors, and finishes are available in both the tank, stands/caps. Our staff will be glad to help you choose just which style fits your needs and your budget! Custom acrylic tanks can also be designed to fit any application.

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