Naturally, equipment to maintain your aquarium is a necessity, and we can surely help you there. All major brands of filters and cartridges are stocked, as well as a selection of all other dry goods, foods (packaged, frozen, and live), chemicals and supplements, lights and bulbs, etc… 

  An empty aquarium can't stay that way for long, that’s why Exotic carries an unusually large selection of décor for you to create your new aquatic environment. Gravels, sands, decorative rocks and driftwoods, artificial plants and other decorations fill the walls of our display room. We carry an assortment of more fanciful décor as well, should you find that a Castle, Dragon, or Wizard brings out the kid in you!

 While you are visiting Exotic Fish & Pet, don’t miss our Amphibian/Arachnid Section! Tarantulas, scorpions, baboon spiders, tree frogs, Horned frogs, and hermit crabs are just some of our collection!
 Finally and undoubtedly the most important aspect of our shop is the experience and expertise of our staff. Russ and Sheri have made it a habit over the years to hire new employees from their customer base. They
select people who have a genuine interest in the hobby, and who are eager to use their time at Exotic to increase their knowledge of the industry. The result is a staff, headed by manager Anne Stengle, who are here because they truly enjoy their work, and are eager to do all they can to help you enjoy the aquarium hobby as well!

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